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Decorating with wall art can be quite an exciting task. Welcoming pieces of art into space can change the mood in a room completely. There are many ways to decorate with wall art, so today I thought I would take some time to walk you through some ideas.

Feature Wall Art

whole wall art

Bringing a feature wall into space creates a main focal point in a room. If you are working with a space that already has a lot going on, sometimes drawing the focus to one wall in the room can be a smart move. Another name I like to call feature walls is whole wall art or entire wall art. I like these names because they remind me that when dealing with a feature wall, I have free range with the wall in its entirety, therefore, have a lot of potentials when it comes to getting creative. Here are some ways in which you could fill your feature wall.

  • Photo Wall

You could opt for a photo wall. Photo walls are a great way to fill a space with memories. If you are trying to discover living room wall art ideas, a photo wall can be a perfect conversation starter. Having some of your best memories on display will without a doubt lead to some great stories. Filling a wall from top to bottom with photos is a great way to create a feature wall in any space.

  • Wallpaper

You could opt for wallpaper. Wallpaper may seem like an outdated option when dealing with art for wall ideas. However, there are so many beautiful wallpapers out there that may be the thing your space has been missing. Wallpaper is artwork. If you choose to cover one single wall in your space with a bold print or subtle pattern, it is bound to turn some heads and be the focal point of any space.

  • Bold Colours

You could add color. If you are dealing with a lot of white in a space, a great option is to paint one wall in a bright and bold color. Nothing brightens the energy in a space better than an orange or yellow feature wall.

Sporadic Wall Art

white wall art ideas

Feature wall art can be nice, but it’s also important that we cover some tips and tricks on executing the perfect wall art decoration ideas when spread on more than one wall. If you are dealing with a more quiet and dull space, showcasing art in multiple places throughout the room can bring a lot of life and playfulness.

  • Unique Pieces

When working with sporadic wall art I love to use unique pieces. I find that when I purchase art from my friends or local artists, I tend to score the most unique pieces with the biggest meaning behind them. When working with wall art decorating items, try to think outside of the box. I personally love when the pieces of artwork hanging on my walls are more eclectic and less cohesive. I think artwork should be noticed and deserves to be talked about, so why not give your guests something to talk about. Think of pops of color or abstracted and skewed images that make the viewer question and think about their own realities. Have fun with this.

  • Paintings

Paintings are a great option for dealing with wall art decor ideas living room edition. Paintings come in all shapes and sizes making them the perfect bow to tie a whole room together. Paintings are done on framed canvas also bring a nice three-dimensionality into space, bringing some life into the walls.

  • Textures

Textures are so important. Canvases that bring three-dimensionality into a room are a good example of adding texture, but there are so many more options. Adding elements of nature onto the walls such as dried flowers or sticks and branches is a great option for wall art. I also love the use of knit or crocheted pieces hanging on walls. Wall art ideas don’t have to be two-dimensional, they can be bulky, chunky, soft, rough, billowed and so much more. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

DIY Canvas Wall

wall art idea

Finally, I want to talk about the DIY canvas wall. This method is great for white wall art ideas as the idea is to have free range over the entirety of a wall, using the wall as your canvas to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind art.

  • Paint

Choose a color scheme, pick your paints and pull out your brushes. This is a great wall art idea to complete with a glass of wine in hand and some good music playing to get the creative juices flowing. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake, you can always paint over anything you don’t love.

  • Draw

Drawing on your walls can bring a sense of light and energy into space. Feel free to experiment with different coloring tools such as markers, pencil crayons, crayons, etc.

  • Write

Adding words to a wall can be a beautiful option. Choose your favorite poem or free-write words from within. Add the words to your blank canvas of a wall in whichever way you so, please. This brings a story into any space.

Get Creative

I hope after reading this blog you learned something about decorating walls with art to some extent. My advice for you is to get creative, think outside of the box, and don’t be afraid to make statements. Art is made to tell a story so don’t be afraid to hang your story on the walls of your home.

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