Folk Art: A Style of Raw and Honesty

what is folk art

What Is Folk Art?

Let’s start with the folk art definition, it can be defined by the idea that life experiences, culture, and heritage from the human people are what is crafting the art that is “folk art”. This specific artistic style is one that brings the experienced-learned practice into performative work, rather than formal training guidance. Because folk art has been grounded in and from the tradition of cultures and communities, the folk art style can be defined and curated to certain understandings of artistic expressions. With all expressions wrapping in the idea of heritage and communal experience, folk art dates back from the 1700 and 1800s working individuals. These craftsmen, peasants, trades-people, and manual labor workers all had significant influence and stance on the founding of what is art folk. Because of their craftsmanship knowledge to build and devise everyday-use materials (i.e. road signage, painting signs, house details), these were the artists of the folk art movement.

Where Did Folk Art Style Come From?

When it comes to physical reference and observation, folk art examples include artistic creations from artists all over and throughout the world. Creators from the United States, India, Scandinavia, and South America are just some of the countries and cultures that have crafted significance in the folk art world. American painters included Grandma Moses (The Old Checkered Inn – summer 1946) and Edward Hicks (The Peaceable Kingdom – 1826). In India however, folk art thrives at a much more enhanced level. Kalam Patua, an Indian artist who was born to a family of art and artistic teachings, Patua has conceived several significant folk artworks including the famous Unititled Biwi Babu Series. More acquainted to the public eye seems to be the folk art examples of South America. Artists from Ecuador and Brazil have generated some of the most famously known folk art pieces. Expanding outside of paintings to wooden and material sculptures and craft, South American artists have produced some of the most beautiful ceramics, dance masks, and furniture for their culture and community; all with influence and intellect from their heritage.

folk art style

The untrained style of this artistic genre also referred to as “naive art”, is what the folk art meaning so precisely holds in the world of artistry and conception. Folk arts and their meaning caress the vulnerability and pure honesty of ordinary people formulating a remarkable world. The individuals we refer to this folk art crowd, are those of grandmothers and horse riders, labor workers, and trade-makers. The intelligence of a critically acclaimed artist who received formal training from art school will not make such a grand mark in the folk art memory. Characteristics of folk art bound together with the unknown intelligence of an unnamed artist within a community and their culture. Heritage and life experience are what shapes these individuals to craft such a movement that is folk art. Actualizing art from personal feeling, understanding, and belief within their lifestyle is what brings folk art and its artists to the known public eye of appreciation. Perhaps folk art will never be one to die because its ignition is that of power to live through the experience with cultural and collective influence and inspiration.

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