Jane Hall’s Book Examines Women’s Contributions To Design and Our Life

Marianne Brandt, Kettle
Marianne Brandt, “Kettle”

This minimalistic but at the same time functional teapot is made of silver and has polished finishes. And this piece, created in 1925 was made entirely by a woman.

Nada Debs, Summerland Paravan
Nada Debs, “Summerland Paravan”

Marianne Brandt who studied with Wassily Kandinsky soon started working on the Bauhaus Building’s lighting accessories. Her designs are beautiful and practical at the same time.

Aino Aalto, Pressed Glass 4644
Aino Aalto, “Pressed Glass 4644”

Brandt and 200 other women creators from more than 50 countries are featured in Jane Hall’s book. Woman Made: Great Women Designers examines women’s contributions to design and features the stories of iconic and now-forgotten figures. The author presented each designer with one of their original works followed by a short description about their career and life path.

Monling Lee, Sport Sofa
Monling Lee, “Sport Sofa”

Hall’s goal is to change the ways that we think about women designers. And to achieve this, she conducted comprehensive research, reading books and journals, and visiting various exhibitions in order to get more information. In addition, the author talked with historians, biographers, family members, and friends of designers to better understand the ways shaped not only in our homes but in society.

Gegia Bronzini, Striped Fabric
Gegia Bronzini, “Striped Fabric”
Mira Nakashima, Concordia Chair
Mira Nakashima, “Concordia Chair”
Hedwig Bollhagen, 766 Watering Can
Hedwig Bollhagen, “766 Watering Can”
Mimi Shodeinde Dip Lounger
Mimi Shodeinde, “Dip Lounger”

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