Martin Naumann Transformed 36 Logos Into Stunning Items Made of Chrome

Martin Naumann logos

The graphic designer from Germany decided to reimagine famous logos, adding how vibrant style. Martin Naumann visually turned 36 emblems into beautiful symbols that include Apple, Netflix, and Twitter logos.

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graphic designer from Germany remake logos

According to Naumann, randomness plays a key role in the creative process itself. Using generative design techniques, he creates visual experiences with futuristic icons.

The rebranded logos are made from holographic metal and look like they came from a different universe. The letters, in turn, are designed in polished chrome style. Experimenting with various techniques and motives, the logo shapes were blurred exponentially to create an interpretation of the individual logotypes.

famous logos transformed into chromatic emblems.

Discover Naumann’s 36 logos of famous logos that were transformed into chromatic emblems.

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