The Oldest NFT Token in the World Will Be Sold during the Sotheby’s Auction

nft token

The first NFT token in the world is going to appear at the Sotheby’s auction. A work, created by an American artist, is considered the world’s first known NFT token “Quantum”, a digital work by Kevin McCoy, is a geometric animation. It is made in the form of a movable octagon which is changing color and shape inside and was created on May 2, 2014. The lot was even compared to the works of Picasso, who also created new directions in art.

NFT is a form of digital art storage. And although every Internet user can see and download virtual works, there is only one true copy. The NFT confirms this authenticity: it stores information about the creation and the creator, as well as all subsequent transactions with it.

The auction will take place online, beginning from June 3 to 10, and 27 digital artists are going to participate in the event. Lot prices will start from 100 dollars, and you can pay for both with your usual money and with cryptocurrencies.

Sotheby’s first NFT auction was held in April. And then in May, Sotheby’s, for the first time in history, provided an opportunity to pay for a painting with cryptocurrency.

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