WWII Propaganda Posters


Although WWII ended around 76 years ago, the WWII war posters are still remembered to this day. There are many reasons as to why the WWII poster propaganda has remained popular for all of these years. Today we will talk about a few of the reasons as to why that is.

Bright & Bold Colours

wwii propaganda posters

One reason why WWII propaganda posters have remained in our minds for all of these years is thanks to the use of bright and bold colors. The artists behind these posters utilized loud colors such as red, yellow, and royal blue. These colors catch the eyes of the spectators and make us want to know more about what we are looking at. In this case, they would have been looking at a propaganda WWII poster that was telling them to enlist in the war.

Gender Inclusive

wwii propaganda poster

Another reason the propaganda posters of WWII still remain talked about today is that although when we think of war our minds go to the idea of men soldiers, women were included on these posters as well. Not only women but strong women. The one WWII propaganda poster in particular that comes to mind is J. Howard Miller’s “We Can Do It” poster. This poster was empowering and inspiring for women during this time as it featured a woman flexing her bicep, exemplifying the strength women possess.


wwii poster

Not only these war posters of WWII were bright, bold, and gender-inclusive, but they were motivational and inspiring as well. These WWII motivational posters were often worded in a way that would entice men and women to want to be a part of the war whether it is to fight on the front line or to work behind the scenes. The use of strong men and women along with the bold colors in tandem created a strong pull to the mind’s eye.

Politically Incorrect

wwii war posters

Not only these WWII propaganda posters are remembered for their positive qualities, but they are remembered for their negative ones as well. These posters often presented politically incorrect information in bold letters smeared across the page. One poster in particular that comes to mind is a poster with a white man on it that read “Smack the Japs!”. This would never be okay in today’s society, so, interestingly, we hold onto these memories to this day. It makes you wonder if we hold onto memories such as these solely for the history they possess, or rather if we hold on because we are afraid to let it go.

They Were Successful

With all of these aforementioned factors combined, these posters proved to be extremely successful. In my opinion, the success exemplifies the power and influence art can have on its targeted audience. It also goes to show that the more we introduce an idea to society, the less shocking it becomes. During the time of WWII, these propaganda posters were a means of normalizing the recruitment of young men and women for the war itself or war-related jobs. I think these propaganda posters are a memory of a distinct moment in history. Not only these posters do portray an impressive level of artistry, but they carry an abundance of history on their backs. I have a feeling these propaganda posters will live on for a while longer.

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