Serbian-Based Designer, Anđela Janković, Draws Squishy and Fruity Illustrations

colorful desert illustration

Anđela Janković started teaching drawing in high school. But then, the Serbian-based designer didn’t consider this activity as a future career. It was something totally for her own enjoyment. A few years later, Anđela graduated with a degree in graphic design and soon started posting her personal illustrations on Instagram. The projects were found entertaining and the artist started freelancing from her home studio.

While working, she also was learning animation. Now, Anđela describes her unique style of drawing as squishy and fruity with a noisy texture. Her works feature vibrant colors, as well as bold lines, and proportioned characters.

Talking about the inspiration, Janković names cities, real rooms, and imaginative buildings which she finds fascinating. She also pays attention to different people who serve as the inspiration for the characters.

Her latest project, called Bond Touch, affects the topic of relationships. Anđela was asked to create one to three illustrations for the blog posts using a limited color palette.

Working on the Overwhelmed project was something personal for the designer. She made a trip around Europe in order to capture such spaces as a subway station in Budapest, a few Moscow buildings, and one of the Airbnbs apartments. And then characters add emotional relation to the architecture.

Discover more of Anđela’s illustrations on her Instagram.

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