Bringing Social Justice to Public Eye with Artistic Expression

Social justice photography

Social injustice has been and continues to be prominent throughout all countries in this world. Through photography and film is how we as the population have learned and acknowledged the injustice that still exists. As inequality has always been an issue in our society, more and more junctures of social injustice are being captured by the camera.

Significantly since the 1960s, photographers, artists, and people of the community have captured social injustice photos that reveal the revolting, unequal nations that continue to exist. Photographs are being (and have been) used as reference and evidence of social injustice. As well as social injustice photography, in today’s age, capturing injustice on film and posting to media has exposed entire evidence to the world we live in. Combating systemic racism with pictures of injustices is solid proof that inequality is prevalent still.

For instance, this year, we can look at the film of George Floyd and his fight for survival as a police officer forcefully aimed to hinder Floyd’s life, without mercy. Because we are apart of current generational outlets, the filming went viral. And only with such documentation did the officer get the consequence he so deserved. Without it, would there be any justice to such a deadly outcome?

Just as film and photography are used for proof, social justice photos are the reason for the fight we are still fighting. Notable photographers from Harvey Finkle, capturing social injustice pictures since the 1990s, to the current time of Steve Sweatpants (Steve John Irby) and Cyn Lagos, are the artists that are proving injustice and its battle through conquered life moments. From the 90s and the injustice that has continued until now in 2020, using photographs to teach social justice has become one of the most powerful ways of reveal in time.

Social justice photo

The fight to end systemic racism continues, with great strength. The fight will attain power until true changes will be made. From the United States to Israel to London to Sweden, a change must come. As these photographs of social injustice continue to affirm the disgraceful treatment from one race to another, one religion to another, one belief to another, the images that are caught on film (in all sense and possibilities), are the proof we will have to refer when the moment of change finally comes to life.

Social justice photography and social justice pictures are the sole ignition for this fight, and to continue to fight even if things result in good and equality change. A fight for equal rights for this world and its people will continue always, and to capture the conflict and struggle can be viewed with hurt but also with beauty. Change is happening, we must keep going. Stay educated and keep the respect.

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