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art of nude

Art of Nude

We look at female beauty, admire the magnificent work of nature that has created the best, and do not think about why certain signs are considered beautiful. We just love it. Artists also like them, in all ages, they have portrayed a woman. Wonderful. Here are the most beautiful works dedicated to female beauty, let’s see how different artists interpret it at different times. And this is only a small part.

What Is Nude Art?

Interest in the nude figure in world art has not subsided for thousands of years. Prehistoric stone figurines depicting naked women, praising physical beauty during the Renaissance, “every day” nudity during the Enlightenment, rethinking corporeality in the art of the late twentieth century, and, finally, shocking cantor in contemporary performances and art exhibitions. All of this is undeniably a significant part of insightful and all-encompassing art.

Nude Art Definition

In the art of photography, the female body is deified, equated with goddesses. This is so, because, as men, hardly anyone will portray naked. First, they are shy and there are reasons. Not everyone can boast of large dimensions of dignity, but it seems to them that they are looking only at this fact. So to speak, an exhibition of the phalluses of antiquity in the manner of modernity: they say, how life and evolution laughed at the male appendage. With a woman, everything is different – she is not embarrassed by the shape of her body, she is beautiful only because she is not a bearer of a penis.

History of Fine Art Nude

what is nude art

For the first time, the direction of the style appeared in Greek culture, when monuments and sculptures were erected. The standard was a statue of a human body, but, of course, a man’s. In the Bronze Age, images were also in the Cycladic civilization – these are male figures with huge genitals. But later they began to make women out of stone – naked, but without obvious signs and hints of “she”. Greece has always been distinguished by endurance – a person had to do physical education, fight, withstand fights where he performed naked. This is how traditions appeared to come to statues and sculptures, which people had to worship and show respect for a person – a person is immortalized for dignity and victory, and people admired a beautifully strong body. In the plastic arts of the Archaic period, a realistic statue began to appear, which fully reflected the physical side of a person – facial features, a detailed image of muscles. It comes from the Egyptian direction in art and gives rise to a dislike for human existence. The archaic named the masculine kuros, the feminine bark. Then the terms entered the cemetery activity when it was required to recreate the bark or kouros from memory. Much attention was paid to details, facial expressions. The female sculpture was covered with drapery, while the man remained open to compliments. Also, mythology affects the style of nude art, as the most liberated and devilish, however, only the female nature fell under such a description.

Art Nudity Photography

fine art nude

In contemporary art, nude art occupies a niche in the field of photography and fine arts, where masters create portraits and pictures of a beautiful nude body. These are the correct forms and all the novelty of generations – a woman appears in front of the camera in what her mother gave birth. A photographer or artist should reflect only beautiful features, create shadows and present to the audience only the picture he has formed in his head. Leaving aside the methods of innovation, the female body remains shameful and ugly for many art lovers. Therefore, the forbidden human body is increasing, and the work of the masters is becoming more and more expensive.

Nude Photography Art: Baron Wilhelm Von Gloeden

In 1893, the baron participated in the annual exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society in London. His special style was the combination of male nudity with the entourage of the ancient world – Greece, Rome. This, incidentally, helped society to accept their outright eroticism. His models were real Sicilian youths (among them – Vincenzo Galdi), often his lovers, but the composition of photographs, as a rule, was based on samples of ancient and later art (ephebes), with a successful use of the picturesque nature of southern Italy.

Erotic Fine Art Photography: Oscar Gustave Rejlander

From the work of Reilander, one can understand what goals photography was trying to achieve in the 19th century. In his opinion, photography made it possible to achieve the same goals in art as painting, but much faster. And the camera is the same tool as a brush or pencil, the main thing is that the artist can beautifully and elegantly express what he wants to show. Only the talent of an artist-photographer can make his work a real work of art. Oscar Reilander considered photography to be a real art, and the requirements for a photographer should be the same as for a good painter.

Just like the old masters, who, before starting to write large paintings with many characters, first draw in sketches of all the participants in the future canvas, so Reilander carefully and methodically work out photographs of individual characters in order to then combine them into one common photograph. Moreover, just as sketches of famous painters became works of art, so Reilander’s photo sketches eventually became independent masterpieces.

The Art of Nude Photography: Eugene Durieu

Nude in the 19th century, by and large, was filmed for two purposes: firstly, erotic, and secondly, to help artists as an auxiliary material. So Eugene Durieu, perhaps one of the most important and influential artists of the 19th century (only Cezanne is more influential than him, and then for the 20th century), actively collaborated with the photographer Eugene Durieu, who shot nude models and models for him. The resulting photographs were combined into albums and used by the artist as sources of natural motives.

The Art of Nude Photography: Alfred Stiglitz

As an eleven-year-old boy, Alfred Stiglitz accidentally ended up in a dark room where he saw an old photographer retouching negatives. He was surprised to make the person in the picture more natural. “I would never do that,” the teenager remarked. And he didn’t lie. Having achieved recognition in the world of photography, Alfred Stiglitz never resorted to retouching his negatives.

Edward Weston

Edward Weston was a huge influence on American photography in the 1930s and lived a turbulent, challenging life. He could have remained a successful artisan, filming wealthy bourgeois, but he preferred the roller coaster to the life of an artist, which either lifted the Guggenheim scholarships to the heights, then forced to look for at least some way to make money. He was torn between his wife, four children, and numerous muses-lovers. He became a classic during his lifetime, but his photographs began to cost a million dollars only half a century later. However, between all the poles and numerous facts, it is easy to lose the main thing – the search for a true artist.

Robert Heineken

Robert Heineken is a “paraphotographer”. He is known for his unconventional daring ways of creating paintings. He is interested in life-size cardboard figures that symbolize pop culture, as well as other types of art photography and advertising, with the help of which he ridicules the topic of consumerism. From here came the painting “Cybill Shepard / Sex on the Phone.”

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