Martin Parr and the Anonymous Project Work Together on the Joint Catalog

Martin Parr and the Anonymous Project

Martin Parr works together with The Anonymous Project on the creation of a photographic double act. A new book will feature images from the British photographer’s archive of mundane moments and photos taken by The Anonymous Project.

Anonymous Project Work

Deja View is a catalog of mid-century colorful slides from around the world. The images of everyday life were shot on a camera with no artistic purpose between the 50s and 80s. The book is full of little details, such as car models that people drove, the clothes they wore, and their haircuts preferences. Inside the book, you will also see people enjoying a picnic, a roast being carved, brides, and other fascinating events.

Martin Parr and the Anonymous Project Work Together on the Joint Catalog

Both Martin and Lee love dynamic compositions using a refreshing approach to photography. In this pure and direct book, the pair emphasizes the value of spontaneity which can be noticed through all the pages. According to the artists, a good photograph is a picture that tells a story, has energy, and can captivate the viewer. The book is available to order starting from today.

Martin Parr Collaborates With the Anonymous Project for the Double Act

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