Nicky Hamilton Revealed a Surreal Portrait of a Family During a Pandemic

Nicky Hamilton

“During the pandemic, my 8-year-old son fell asleep very hard, ” says Nicky Hamilton. He was shackled by the fear that the end would soon come. I watched it day after day and the idea came to me to depict this whole story – the story of my family’s isolation. This is how the first work “The Upside Down” came about, a surreal portrait of family life during a pandemic,” narrates Nicky.

Everyone was scared and lonely, but they were able to direct their worries in the right way- together to tell a story.

lockdown photoset

All the time the Hamilton family was in the studio, where he worked on the details of the collection, it was both an imaginary bathroom and a kitchen. “My youngest son, William, had a lot of questions about the future, his older brother, Henry, missed football, his girlfriend, and a school,” the photographer tells.

Hamilton’s children came out from the isolation with bright memories that were radically different from those experienced by their parent’s generation.

Faced with the first bout of anxiety and fear, parents realized that they must support their children, calm down and cheer up in every possible way. The family didn’t watch the news. They turned the isolation period into a fun and carefree place for young ones.

Most of the project was filmed with a Leica S3, which the author borrowed from Leica Germany, who was interested in publishing his project in their magazine. The illumination was done by HMI, Kino Flo, Deo, and Source 4. The lighting Nicky designed by himself.

Nicky Hamilton photos

The choice fell on a surreal color palette to give the concepts an almost dreamlike quality. The original idea was to create a series of photographs based on the creator’s childhood called “The Lonely Man”.

To completely idealize the memories, the building equipment for each of the pictures was the best. Hamilton fell in love with the process of creating a painting from scratch, not finding it. Lockdown taught him to stop, breathe out and appreciate the simplest moments in life.

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