A Crash Course of Photography for Beginners

Photography for Beginners

If you’re someone with a smartphone or camera, you are probably taking and sharing a ton of cool pics. Aren’t we all! Anyone with a lens should be aware of the photography basics. Your photos should look high-quality, interesting, and pleasing to the eye. These tips will elevate your social media aesthetic and learn photography skills. Enjoy this quick and easy photography 101 tutorial!

Beginner Photography

Learning photography can be both exciting and intimidating. But most of all, fun! Books like “Photography for Dummies” might not do the trick. So where do you begin? Well, this article is a great start! Things like using the right setup, lighting, angles, and so on are how to get started in photography. Soak up new information and apply it to yourself. You will need to be patient, creative, and available in this process. Soon, you will know how to photograph like a pro!

Camera Options

The first step to basic photography is finding a camera! Opt for something that suits your needs, price range, and aesthetic preference. Choosing the right tool will make for a smooth introduction to photography.

iPhone or Android

Look no further than your phone for amazing photos. These days, our beloved smartphones are equipped with better quality than some professional cameras. You can kill two birds with one stone by using your phone for photography. Go crazy with portrait mode and cool filters. You can use your phone camera or download a crazy amount of photo apps to enhance your experience. This will make uploading your creations to social media quick and easy!


These cameras are a super cool retro idea! You will need to pay close attention to photography tips for beginners when using these babies because there are no second tries. Film for these cameras sells on the pricey side so you won’t want to waste your film or cash on bad photos. Watch that your photos aren’t overexposed. Only use flash in the dark and you won’t want to use these cameras when it is extra sunny. With a simple click, you will get to capture and watch your memories develop right before your eyes. Polaroid photos make for great memories, gifts, and bedroom decor!


These cameras are also a super eclectic option. You can buy them disposable or reload your own film camera. The beauty of these is that you won’t get to see the photos until you bring in your film for development. You will need to pay attention when approaching how to begin photography on film. It is easy for photos to turn out overexposed or blurry if attention to detail is missing. You are going to love the old-school look of your photos using this camera!


This is one of the most common choices for emerging photographers. Digital is reliable and convenient. The photos you take on these cameras can easily be saved, deleted, or transferred to other devices. These days, they are equipped with a ton of cool features. This includes filters, zoom, focus, and editing features. Some digital cameras are even able to connect to the internet. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the digital world.You can choose an option that fits your budget. Digital cameras can retail anywhere from $100 to upwards of $1000. It really depends on what you need! When you get your camera, the manual may be intimidating. Read the photography instruction and take time to explore your camera’s features. When learning about photography you will want to always shoot in the highest quality format. Let the camera do the work for you. You are going to have a ton of fun exploring your intro to digital photography!

Where to Look?

Beginner Photography Tips

For cameras, check out your local electronic stores. Look out for deals and promotions. You can also skim through your local vintage and antique markets. Every once and a while you will get lucky with an incredible find for an incredible price. Finally, check out online sites like or are similar to eBay, Kijiji, or Facebook Marketplace. Many cameras in good condition need new homes. You will also get them for way less than their retail place. Make sure it works before you commit to buying. Once you find the camera of your dreams, take good care of it and hold it close! The perfect camera is hard to come by.

Beginner Photography Tips

These simple reminders complete our photography tutorials for beginners! These are the photography fundamentals that will help get you started. Take your time researching each of these tips. A great idea is to focus on each element individually until you master it. Once you feel confident, you can combine all of your knowledge and take amazing photographs. You may even start teaching photography basics yourself!

Hold Your Camera as You Mean It

It sounds silly and straightforward, but many people don’t know what they are doing in this area. When approaching how to learn photography, you should hold your camera firmly with both hands. Have one hand on the side and use the other to support from beneath. Keep your camera close and your camera closer. But for real! Hold it toward your body. This will create clearer images and avoid a blurry mess.

Invest in a Tripod

This tool is super ideal for low-light situations. This will give you the freedom to move around and take a step back when you need it. You can buy larger tripods for digital or film cameras or you can even invest in a smaller one for your iPhone (please not a selfie stick). Your tripod will be your steady hand and best friend! Use it wisely.

Shoot That Stuff RAW

This is one of the most important pieces of advice when learning how to start photographing. When you shoot RAW photos, your images will not be compressed. This creates the highest level of quality and gives you more freedom when you edit after. You will be able to adjust mistakes in exposure and temperature. This format takes up more space but will be well worth it as you approach the amazing final product!

Get to Know the Exposure Triangle

This triangle is the basics of photography! You must understand this triangle before you move on. It sounds intimidating, but over time you will get the hang of it and master your exposure. This method is built up of three key parts.


When you lower ISO your camera will be less sensitive to light. When you raise ISO, it will be what? More sensitive to light. Plain and simple. The lower ISO, the higher quality of the image.


This is a word for the lens opening. It describes the depth of its field and how much light can get in there. Widen your aperture when you would like to focus on a specific subject. Narrow it down for a complete group shot or a stunning landscape.

Shutter Speed

This cool feature controls how long it takes to snap your picture. Fast speeds are optimal for your prized action shots. Long shutter speed can sometimes create some cool blurry effects.

Watch Out for Flash

learning photography

Know when to turn on the flash and when it’s gotta go. Flash, when it’s not needed, creates overexposure and harsh images. Your models likely will not enjoy this feature. Red eyes are galore. If it really is dark, use the flash at a low brightness setting. This will help you get great photos at night!

Use That White Balance

This is great for capturing all the colors you desire to come through in your photos. If you don’t adjust the balance, you may end up with an undesired temperature in your photo.

Find Different Perspectives

Just like in life, different perspectives are essential in your pics. You should never settle for your first angle. Play around with taking photos of an object from all angles. Straight on, diagonal, above, you name it. Each angle will tell a different story and give off a different feel. You may surprise yourself with what you discover through this technique!

Rule of Thirds

This rule is an interesting photographic insight into the composition. Centering the subject is at times two predictable. Visualize a grid running through your lens and create three even thirds. Place the subject in the first or third sections to create a visual balance. Photos using this method are more intriguing.

Eyes on the Prize

Keep those eyes in focus. They are the window to the soul, as they say. When shooting portraits, keep the eyes visible and clear. Keep the camera steady and avoid using flash when it is not needed to get this desired technique down.

Notice the Background

Commonly, what is behind a focus should not steal the show. Of course, there are exceptions, but when subjects are a priority, emphasize them with a simple backdrop. Blur everything beyond the foreground or keep it one color to draw the eye to your message. An example of this is a clear blue sky or white wall background.

Take On the Sun

This is a remarkable subject for photographers. Each night and morning it paints unique colors and cloudy designs. The sun is a work of art. Be bold and capture the sun!

Get Some Good Editing Tools

Whether it be computer software or a cool app on your iPhone, get something to edit with. Not every photo will be perfect in its raw state. You can edit your photo exposure, temperature, filter, and more using high-quality programs. Learning how to edit is the next step for a great photographer, so take advantage!

Cool Photography Hacks

These cool photo trends and ideas go beyond basic photography tutorials. These hacks will set your photos apart from the rest with a creative edge!

  • Use the lens of your film camera and place it in line with your iPhone. Take a photo through the lens that makes it look like you are stuck in a vintage TV!
  • Shoot a photo through a bubble! This makes for a cool effect.
  • Create cool blurry photos!
  • Use fun props!
  • Shoot through the plastic wrap for a cool, warped effect.
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