Shootings for the Porsche Panamera Ad Was Filmed in a Desert with the Help of Drones

Porshche photo

The German car producer has shown amazing images of the new Panamera, which was filmed in the desert. The fantastic idea for the night shooting of the car belongs to Babar Afzal who decided to use drones to achieve a space atmosphere.

Using the technique of painting with the help of drones, the photographer managed to convey the landscape of the desert along with bright streaks of light illuminating the cars. The advertising shoot for the Porsche Panamera took place among rocks and sand in one of the valleys of the United Arab Emirates.

To obtain such images, the drones were equipped with powerful ICE lamps. Long exposure shots captured the movement of the drones over the cars, creating bright streaks. The vehicle’s own headlights and taillights were also used for additional lighting.

For the filming of the Porsche Reflections of Passion, Afzal was given complete freedom of action and was allowed to do whatever he wants to achieve the perfect picture. However, the shooting was not without its problems. In the valley where the filming was held, there were problems with the GPS signal. This factor made it difficult for drones to accurately follow the programmed course. Such hardware problems took 45 minutes from the total time.

But despite the challenges, a team of professional photographers worked hard and managed to get such a great result. Bright flashes perfectly emphasize the curves of the car and its metallic paint.

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