Spike, Created by Bansky, Is Going to Auction. The Sales Will End on July 30th

Banksy’s Spike Is Going To Appear at the Auction As NFT

In 2005, Banksy got a piece of Israel’s West Bank Barrier and wrote on it “Spike”. Recently, the item was found in Palestine, and now it goes to auction. But as an NFT.

Valuart, the new platform originated by NFT, is going to hold an auction on July 22nd. Bidding will continue online until July 30th. But an unknown street artist won’t participate in the sale of his work.

The buyer of Spike will receive a trip in order to see a physical object which is located in Switzerland. In addition, a buyer and guest will have dinner with Vittorio Grigolo, the Italian opera singer who is a co-founder of Valuart.

By this moment, the highest bid was about 3,500 dollars which is quite a disappointing start for the work of such a famous artist. But it is expected that more bids will come later. Fifty percent of the purchase will be donated to charities that help people who have suffered from violent conflicts.

Banksy, whose real identity is still a mystery, often comments on his work on social networks. But the artist still hasn’t written anything about Spike.

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