The British Photographer and His Fictional Animal Kingdom in One Exposure

British Photographer Kingdom in One Exposure

Jim Naughten, the British photographer and writer, has always wanted to change the reality, to reach out to humanity about how much the relationships between people and animals have changed compared to the times of our ancestors.

In his new solo exhibition, Eremozoic, he shows everyone a world that seems to be both familiar and alien at the same time, to note the fact of disconnection humanity from the natural world. It was inspired by dioramas depicting animals that are often seen in natural history museums.

The exhibition Eremozoic

From October 7 to November 18 everyone who wants can attend the exposure, which has already made much noise, in London`s Grove Square gallery.

The exposition has such an interesting name because it is the term used by the biologist Edward Wilson to select the modern era of the development of the Earth, a period of mass extinction of species due to human activities. According to the gallery representatives, Noten`s works show a feeling of uncertainty and disorientation in an unnatural world.

digital painting exhibition

A creative person, who has committed his life to photography and writing, explores the universe around him using an unusual way: a combination of photography, stereoscopy, and contemporary painting. “Digital paintings”, as Noten himself calls them, look like pictures taken on another planet.

“The photographs can be treated just like oil on canvas. You can add the element or just as easily remove it, change the color of the painting- and all this can be achieved with the help of digital brushes,” notes Jim.

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