The Photographer from Boston Shot a Bird Trail of a Dark Bird in the Background of the Eclipse

birds and solar eclipse

A photographer named Zev Hoover was filming a solar eclipse early in the morning when a random bird was accidentally caught in the frame. Then he decided to create this unusual image, showing the trail of a dark bird in the background of the eclipse that happened yesterday.

At 3:30, a photographer from Boston went to the beach together with his girlfriend and colleague to set up the camera equipment. He took not only photos but also videos with the help of his Sony a7S III camera and a 1000mm telescope. The group’s goal was to capture an eclipsed sunrise with the Boston Lighthouse in the foreground.

They set up the equipment overlooking Boston Harbor and started to wait for the first rays of light. As the sun rose, the clouds began slowly to disappear, and the sun finally looked out when the eclipse reached its maximum point.

And suddenly a gray seagull accidentally flew through the frame and perfectly fit in the background of the sun and the moon. To create the image you can now see, Hoover put together all the footage from his video.

The image processing was pretty simple, the photographer admitted. Adding that he was lucky to be able to get this shot given the fact that the trip originally seemed wasted due to bad weather.

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